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2010 U.S. Open Results

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Grand Champion:
Brass Band of Central Florida

Press Release announcing the 2010 US Open Brass Band Participants

Full Results:

1. Brass Band of Central Florida - 357.0
2. Fountain City: 350.0
3. Dublin Silver Band: 348.0
4. James Madison University: 336.0
5. Weston Silver Band: 331.5
6. Eastern Iowa Brass Band: 314.0
7. Prairie Brass Band: 295.0
8. Madison Brass Band: 291.0

Other Results:

Most Entertaining: Dublin Silver Band
Best Cornet of the Day: Bob Hinckley, Brass Band of Central Florida
Best Featured Soloist: Robert Miller, Weston Silver Band
Best March: Prairie Brass Band
Best New Arrangement of Composition: Brass Band of Central Florida, Give It One
Best Percussion Section: Dublin Silver Band


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